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BL9 Metro

BL9 Metro is one of Fatt Sunnie Studios most consistant customers. BL9 Metro is a talented young rap artist who shares his talents through majestic beats and clever poetry.


Bl9 Luna is a fun and upbeat rap artist that brings new and interesting ideas to the rap game. Bl9 Luna loves deep bass and hard kicks.

BL9 Luna

Tired of the Stress Album Artwork.jpg


Jay Vee is an up and coming rap artist who believes in the power of his lyrics. In his songs, Jay Vee tells powerful stories of drug abuse, parental abuse, and rising from those dark places.

Siem Dream is Country Lit! Siem Dream isn't afraid to represent the midwest. Siem proudly raps Country Lit as his slogan in his heavy, lyrically talented beats.

Siem Dream


A poet at heart, Chance Lassila puts a great importance on his choice of lyrics, both in purpose and in aesthetic. Get lost in the words and the story as he sings of romance and loss, with an eccentric, indie-acoustic vibe reminiscent of The Goo Goo Dolls, but with the modern edge and lyrical bite of groups like Bon Iver and Cigarettes After Sex.

Chance Lasilla


Daulton Thomas

Daulton Thomas is a down to earth straight forward country artist who brings listeners in by relating to them with personal stories in his songs.

Inspired by Eminem, NF, and Lecrae, Ben Viergutz a.k.a. Fatt Sunnie grew up influenced by Hip-Hop/Rap music. Fatt Sunnie strives for a real connection with his fans by rapping about his real-life struggles that others struggle with as well. Fatt Sunnie doesn't believe in the message of "modern-day" rap.

YouTube Icon 1.jpg

Fatt Sunnie

Artist Profile Pic.jpg

Isabelle Brown

Talented, gifted, sharing from her heart. Isabelle is an up-and-coming young artist who’s not afraid to share thoughts and feelings through her music.



ChrogeXO is a rap artist without regret. His lyrical poetry, clever rhymes, and rhythmic word-play will make sure to lay any competition to rest. ChrogeXO never ceases to make incredible music that leaves his audience speechless and wanting more.


E.T. is an industry-standard rap artist who strives to bring clever poetry into hard-hitting instrumentals. E.T. is from the midwest and is proud to represent that in his songs


WildBoy is a gritty rap artist that brings a harsh flow to his music. WildBoy can be funny and clever and yet still he makes sure to put you in your place. WildBoy is coming from Lincoln, NE and you know he means business.


Dope Samano

Dope Samano lyrically murders beats. Deep bass and a deep voice is the recipe that Samano uses to make hella bangers!

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