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Auditions are now being accepted via remote video!

Filming begins August 7th 2023 and ends August 11th 2023

(not all days are required depending on role)



The Idea

The Fatt Sunnie Studios Community Film Event started as an idea to bring passionate, aspiring, creative individuals together to create a film representative of the talents and creative vision of the midwestern United States. With use of professionals in the film industry, in combination with, those who aspire to work or be involved in the industry, Fatt Sunnie Studios provides a film set environment structured around education, passion, and freedom to be creative. With help from event sponsors, the community film event produces a high quality film, premiered for the community every year.

In Person Auditions are Friday July 7th, 2023 from 3pm-9pm cst

Auditions are at the Norfolk Arts Center. 305 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701

"The most important piece of this event is to create an environment that allows anyone desiring to be on the cast or crew, to participate, be creative and fall in love with every aspect of the film creation process."

-Benjamin Charles Viergutz

Owner of Fatt Sunnie Studios

Film Audition Information

Auditions are now submitted via video audition! Please print off the audition script and record yourself auditioning for the part. Please submit these videos to

Cast Audition Form

Thanks for submitting!

The Rules

1. Auditionee must fill out "Cast Audition Form" completely.

2. Auditionee must come prepared with their own copy of the script section used for the audition.

3. Any applicable covid mandates will be observed.

(check Fatt Sunnie Studios social medias for updates)

4. Auditionee must show respect to the audition facility.

5. Auditionee must respect others who are auditioning.

6. All decisions of the casting committee are final.

7. Anyone who wishes to participate in this event must sign a release and consent form. Parental permission forms are required for those under the age of 18 years.

Casting results will be delivered via text message and email.

Everyone who auditions will get to participate.

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