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About Us

Cinematography. Photography. Audio. Graphic Design.

We are a multifaceted Media Arts Production Company, which is your Go-To for all your Media Arts needs!

We specialize in commercials, promotional videos, short films, feature films, special event videos, album cover art, graphic design, music videos, music mixing, music mastering, music production and so much more!

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The creativity and drive of Fatt Sunnie Studios started with youth and passion. Youthful passion for the love of multimedia production and a drive to learn more, design more, develop into more. Through multiple learning opportunities and professional education, the evolution of Fatt Sunnie Studios continues...

Corporate Clients

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TKO Fitness Logo.png
Northeast Community College Logo.png
Pierce Public Schools Logo.png
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GreenStar Logo.png
Magnolias Logo.png
Columbus Childrens HealthCare Logo.png
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Diabetes & Wellness Clinic

Video Clients
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